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The stories have mature content! That doesn't mean adult though. It means people live real lives, they love and hate, they are injured and they experience intense emotions. Deep Water and Gambit are rated PG-13 for violence.
Please bear this in mind! Thank you.

Day To Day by Laura Boeff

Deep Water by Birgit Staebler
"She controls him," Nick managed.
"Who? Who is 'she'?"
"Don't know. Calls herself...Shanee..... Did this to get Godzilla. Implanted something. Controls him," he mumbled. ".... head...." His voice faded and his fingers dug into the blanket.
Silence fell over the bridge and Monique felt her stomach clench. Somebody was controlling that monster? Somebody had implanted a control device?
"It's coming closer," Craven announced, voice shaky.
Nick looked out of the window, eyes holding a dark shadow Monique didn't like. He wasn't in a good shape at all. Whatever had happened to him in the last two days, it had left its marks. Elsie was hovering behind him, worry creasing her features.
"He's here," he mumbled.

Never Alone by Laura Boeff NEW!!!
a tag to Deep Water
Separate Ways by Birgit Staebler
kind of a tag to Deep Water
Time Off by Birgit Staebler
picks up on the events in Deep Water and Separate Ways
Dawn by Birgit Staebler
just a reflective sort of story

Gambit  by Birgit Staebler
Hicks turned to Elsie. "So that answers the question of why Godzilla was suddenly in the vicinity and why we got the calls. It doesn't answer just what the heck is going on with Dr. Tatopoulos."
"He is sick," Elsie answered, voice level. "He happened to catch a nasty bug and it was at the most inconvenient time."
He wasn't convinced, but the major also knew there was no more information forthcoming. Okay, he knew when to give up and try again. This was the time. Hicks looked at where Nick was softly talking to Godzilla, fingers caressing the hard armor. He doubted the lizard could feel it, but somehow he was convinced that he heard Nick.....
"Now if you'd excuse us," the paleontologist went on, "there's work to do!"
She walked past him and Hicks smiled briefly. Then his features went into neutral and his eyes remained on Nick. Something was going on, something neither of the team had told him.
And he would get behind it.

Downtime  by Birgit Staebler

ID4 Crossover: DevastationOn the Move
by Laura Boeff

Sins of the Father by Ellen Brand

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